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EMPI Dual 40 HPMX Carburetor Kit

$748.93 USD

Hands down our favorite carbs.  Versatile, functional, easy to tune.  These are EMPI's version of the Weber IDF.  Everything is interchangeable.

This is the basic kit, With chrome air cleaners.  Note that these do not work with stock fan shrouds without some modification to the fan shroud, however work great with the aftermarket shrouds.

Everything is included to install, intake manifolds, linkage, brackets, air cleaners.  You will need a carb sync tool to balance and tune.

Supplied installed with:

  • 52 idle
  • 130 main
  • .170 Air
  • F-11 Emulsion tubes
  • 550 Ex. Pump Jet 
  • 50 Accel pump jets
  • 28mm venturis