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BB-066 Rear mudflap mount Early Beetle Blade Bumpers

$55.00 USD


Stainless steel Blade bumper Mud flap holders, You are buying a pair (a left hand side and right hand side mount). 

These have been made copying originals from a 1966 bug, the ones copied had been fitted to my 1966 bug from new so believed to be a genuine VW item or a dealership fitted item (for vehicles running Blade bumpers).

A lot stronger and better design to the usual Mud Flap Holder available (designed to last and be more rigid then the cheap versions available).

Kit comes with new correct length bolts/washers and nyloc nuts,(These are Zinc plated)  so everything is new, YOU will need to supply Mud Flaps.

Very simple to fit, you use bumper mounts to hold the brackets to the bug then the Mud Flap sandwiches in between the 2 pieces of steel as pictured.