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BlazeCut T700ESB-E

$648.00 USD $900.00 USD

The T700ESB-E is bulk packed with no retail display box.  It includes mounting zip ties and warning sticker.

 The TxxxES-E units comes with a Single Pole, Single Throw pressure switch installed.  While the unit is pressurized the switch is open.  When the unit discharges the switch closes completing a circuit.  Pair these with our AWB012 for a simple, 12v audible and visual panel mount alarm.  You can also incorporate the switched units into relays and custom wiring to achieve your goals.

Protected enclosed space:

  • 2.49 - 4.02 cubic meters electrical applications
  • 1.89 - 3.06 cubic meters engine/fuel applications

Operating Temperature: -40°F to +194°F

Activation Temperature: 221°F 

Activation Pressure: 348 psi ± 14 psi 

Clean Agent: HFC227ea

Amount of Agent: 5.93 lb ± 0.35 oz


Contact us to verify your application.  Pictures of your application and max length, width, height dimensions of the space are required.