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BlazeCut T100ES-E - 1 meter - 1 pole switch

$239.00 USD $333.00 USD

Pressure Switch End for custom system integration applications or alarm panels.  Switch is not IP rated(not weather proof), is suitable for mobile or stationary applications, and is wired with pigtails.  Switch is N/C (Open when unit is pressurized, closed when unit discharges).

Packed in retail box with zip ties, sticker, and manual.

Protected enclosed space:

  • 0.35-0.57 cubic meters electrical applications
  • 0.27-0.44 cubic meters engine/fuel applications

Operating Temperature: -4°F to +176°F

Activation Temperature: 212°F 

Activation Pressure: 363 psi ± 14 psi 

Clean Agent: HFC227ea

Amount of Agent: 0.55 lb ± 0.17 oz