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Kuhltek 009 Mechanical Advance Distributor - POINTS

$38.00 USD

It is hard to mess up this distributor.  This is the perfect distributor for troubleshooting your engine, keeping as an emergency backup, or if you are just lazy or looking for the easiest way out.  They just WORK.  

Kuhltek 009 Distributor, points Ignition. Fits all cars and buses with 12 volt electrical systems.

009's are easy but your engine will run better and cooler with a SVDA on the street.  The 009 is perfect for racing where you are just all gas all the time foot through the floor pedal mashing.


Josh's Notes:

  • The Distributor drive teeth are squared off and sharp.  This causes the teeth to not want to sit down in the drive gear.  file a 45º chamfer edge on the drive tang on the distributor before install
  • The O-ring is squared off.  it works but we upgrade the o-ring to the D shaped stock o-ring for a better seal.