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Doghouse Shroud, Black WITHOUT Ducts (Boxed) 36HP Style

$75.00 USD

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These 36HP Style Shrouds feature excellent, tight fit and finish along with correctly engineered internal baffles. Doghouse models feature 9 internal Air Directional Baffles/Veins and use late model "Doghouse" cooler, larger late model fan and special tin. All Doghouse models have the hole for the throttle tube.

Josh's notes:

  • I spent a bunch of time comparing everyones aftermarket shrouds and they are all the same.  They all weigh the same, look the same, work the same.  EMPI/IAP/CB/SCAT etc they are the same.  I have noticed with these shrouds your alternator ends up moved toward the rear of the car a bit and the fan belt becomes misaligned.  You might not even notice it, but your belt will wear out quicker.  A crank pulley spacer (EMPI #8688-6) solves the problem.  If the stampings ever improve I will update this.
  • The Stock VW oil cooler hoover bit does not seal off completely like original.  We use a custom made hoover bit shaped properly to seal on the aftermarket shrouds.