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EMPI 3300 Economy Extractor exhaust - 1200-1600

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Need a little glasspack rumble in your life?  This is an excellent budget-minded option for your vehicle with a type 1 engine.  These work very well in Split busses, there are no clearance issues with the bumper or apron, and there is plenty of space to keep the apron from getting super hot, as other exhausts tend to do.  These aren't for the faint of heart, though, as they really do pack a rumble.  Everyone will hear you pulling up to the next meet with this exhaust!

Designed with adjustable slip joints on header pipes, this inexpensive system fits all Type 1 & 2 models including late 40HP, 1300-1600cc...any upright model with fresh-air heaters. 1 3/8" tubing. Includes hardware, gaskets and aluminum flex hose.

Josh's Note:

  • We like this exhaust as it is simple, cheap, and works.  For fun you can cut down a beetle pea shooter tip, insert it in the tailpipe, run a screw through from the outside and have that beetle chirp.