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EMPI Dual 34 EPC carburetor kit 47-7411

$420.00 USD

EMPI Dual 34 EPC carb kit is a great dual carb setup for 1600-1776 engines.  They are super simple carbs, and out of the box will run great with the jets installed on a 1776 or 1600.  We have used 100's of these.

I have personally achieved 20mpg with these carbs on a 1776cc in a 61 bus with stock tires and reduction box small nut trans.

Everything is included to install, dual port intake manifolds, linkage, brackets, air cleaners.  You will need a carb sync tool to balance and tune.

While these carbs are very budget friendly, the downside is that the throttle shafts are not bushed, and will wear out faster than a bushed throttle shaft.  The return spring pressure is low and leaves some to be desired, I believe EMPI does this to avoid premature wear on the throttle shaft.  We move the spring mount up higher for more tension, but only expect the carbs to last 30k miles or so, which for a lot of people is many many years of driving!