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EMPI Dual DELUXE 34 EPC carburetor kit 47-7421

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EMPI Dual 34 EPC carb kit is a great dual carb setup for 1600-1776 engines.  They are super simple carbs, and out of the box will run great with the jets installed on a 1776 or 1600.  We have used 100's of these.

I have personally achieved 20mpg with these carbs on a 1776cc in a 61 bus with stock tires and reduction box small nut trans.

Everything is included to install, dual port intake manifolds, linkage, brackets, air cleaners.  You will need a carb sync tool to balance and tune.

The DELUXE version features tall intake manifolds for better idle and cooler temps at the carbs.  The linkage is also the center pull/twist linkage to help with a longer life on the throttle shafts.  This kit looks really nice installed.

Supplied installed with:

  • 1.75 Needle and Seat
  • .150 Main
  • .55 idle
  • .175 Air
  • F-6 Emulsion tubes