Engle W110 Camshaft

$99.00 USD

Brand new Engle W110 cam.  Most popular hot street cam.  You can run this cam with a stock valvetrain.  It should be used with minimum dual 1bbl carbs, and loves dual IDF or other dual 2bbl carbs. Cam only, you will need to add a cam gear and bolts to complete installation.  All Engle cams are 3 bolt/flat style and will work with "flat" oil pumps.  Made in the USA

Valve Lift @1.1:1  IN .430"  EX .430"
Valve Lift @1.25:1 IN .490" EX .490"
Duration IN 284º EX 284º
Camshaft Lift IN .392" EX .392"
Duration @.050 IN 247º EX 247º
Lobe Center 108º 108º