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Generator Style Fuel Pump

$26.00 USD

Budget Fuel pump, made in China.  For use on 1200-1600 type engines with a Generator.  Uses the "long" 108mm pushrod.


Josh's Notes:

  • These pumps work fine and are cheap.  Great spare parts pump for the roadside kit.  We use a lot of these, and I suggest adding grease to the hollow cavity where the lever is.
  • ANY time you replace the fuel pump, check your fuel pressure.  We have seen these pumps vary in output quite a bit and it is necessary to add gaskets to lower the pressure most of the time.  We start with three top gaskets on these pumps.  A stock carb would like about 3.5psi, and some aftermarket carbs like even less than that.  If your pump is putting out 5, 6, 7psi you can over power the float.