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Kuhltek 009 Mechanical Advance Distributor with Electronic Iginition

$65.00 USD

Tired of replacing low quality newer points sets?  This distributor is incredibly easy with ELECTRONIC ignition.  This distributor requires a Bosch blue coil or equivalent to use, it needs 3 ohms of internal resistance to work properly.  Also, don't hook it up backwards, the ignition control module will be damaged immediately.  Replacement units are available for these.

Kuhltek 009 Distributor, Electronic Ignition. Fits all cars and buses with 12 volt electrical systems.

009's are easy but your engine will run better and cooler with a SVDA on the street.  The 009 is perfect for racing where you are just all gas all the time foot through the floor pedal mashing.


Josh's Notes:

  • The Distributor drive teeth are squared off and sharp.  This causes the teeth to not want to sit down in the drive gear.  file a 45º chamfer edge on the drive tang on the distributor before install
  • The O-ring is squared off.  it works but we upgrade the o-ring to the D shaped stock o-ring for a better seal.
  • Installing the wires backwards on the coil will damage the ignition modul immediately.  red to positive(15) black to negative (1) on coil.
  • leaving ignition in run position with car off can damage  module.
  • using a coil with less than 3 OHM resistance will damage the module
  • voltage over 13.7v can damage the module
  • electronic ignition is fantastic, and easy, but can be damaged beyond roadside repair.  In our roadside repair kit we carry a backup points distributor pre-timed to the engine with the bracket installed for an easy repair if necessary.