NEW 1776cc Dual Port Long Block Engine for Dual Carbs

$2,800.00 USD

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Currently unavailable due to parts availability.  

NEW 1776cc long blocks require NO CORE.  ALL NEW components are used in our ALL NEW ENGINES!  This 1776cc longblock provides considerable power increases over a stock 1600, while still being reasonable to drive, maintain, and tune.  

This engine is designed to run on "smaller" dual carbs such as Weber ICT's, Single center mount 40 IDF, Dual 40 IDF's, 36 or 40mm Dellorto's, and similar.  

Build Specs:

  • Autolinea AS41 Mag case cut for 90.5/92mm
  • Cast Counterweighted 69mm Crank
  • Stock Weight flywheel
  • Aluminum Cam Gear
  • Engle W-100 Cam
  • EMPI Lightweight lifters with oil hole
  • Schadek 26mm Oil Pump
  • Windage Zinc Plated Pushrod Tubes
  • Stock Aluminum Pushrods
  • AA 90.5mm Pistons and Cylinders
  • Autolinea Stock Heads 35.5x32 valves, Cut for 90.5
  • Stock Valve Covers and Bales
  • Stock 1:1 Rocker Assemblies
  • 8.1:1 CR