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NEW 1776cc Dual Port Long Block Engine for Single Carb

$4,400.00 USD

NEW 1776cc long blocks require NO CORE.  ALL NEW components are used in our ALL NEW ENGINES!  This 1776cc longblock provides considerable power increases over a stock 1600, while still being reasonable to drive, maintain, and tune.  

This engine is designed to run with the Solex 34 pict 3 carb.

Build Specs:

  • AS41 Mag case cut for 90.5/92mm, drilled and tapped for full flow.
  • Cast Counterweighted 69mm Crank
  • Stock Weight flywheel
  • Aluminum Cam Gear
  • Engle W-90 Cam
  • EMPI Lightweight lifters with oil hole
  • Schadek 26mm Oil Pump
  • Windage Zinc Plated Pushrod Tubes
  • Stock Aluminum Pushrods
  • AA 90.5mm Pistons and Cylinders
  • New Autolinea Stock Heads 35.5x32 valves, Cut for 90.5
  • Stock Valve Covers and Bales
  • Stock 1:1 Rocker Assemblies
  • 8.1:1 CR
  • 1qt Deluxe Oil Sump (not shown)