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New Dual Port Cylinder Tin - PAIR

$29.00 USD

Dual Port Cylinder Tin

This isn't as good as original tin.  This is what's available, and it requires some effort to fit.  We use this tin every single day on our engine builds, and it requires the following modifications to fit correctly:

The #4 exhaust port area needs to be trimmed back.  if you place the tin on your engine you will see where the tin is angled and goes over where the exhaust mounts.

Cut the tin from the intake area straight up to each spark plug hole.  This allows the tin to bend in a bit where the manifold sits.  If you don't do this relief cut the intake won't seat correctly without really pushing on the tin.

This is what's available aftermarket and it is THE SAME from all manufacturers.


You are buying a PAIR of L/R cylinder tin for dual port heads.