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Rear Tin - Stock Style WITH Heat Riser / WITH Heat

$29.00 USD

Stock Style Rear Tin , with cut outs for heat risers, and cut outs for heat tubes.

Josh's note:

  • This tin needs work to fit right.  We use this tin everyday and it is an exercise in patience.
  • The heat riser cutout shapes just are not the right shape.  you will need to trim the tin some to make it fit.
  • The heat tube holes don't line up with the heater pods on the muffler.  when attempting to use the heater pod to heat tube connectors, you must elongate the holes in the tin to allow the connector to fit.  When using a header exhaust and connecting the tubes directly to the heater boxes this is not a problem.
  • the tin needs to be trimmed a bit on the left side, next to the exhaust port area to allow the tin to sit correctly.